Procedure/Guideline to Get U.S Scholarships

Procedure/Guideline to Get U.S Scholarships. See Full Details Here

The idea of the American dream means many things to many of us, for most international students, this starts with studying in an American College.

     Procedure/Guideline to Get U.S Scholarships

However, tuition normally becomes a great barrier to achieving this dream, and the ray of hope is normally grants or scholarship awards. This guide will help you on how to get U.S scholarships without stress.


Simple Guide To Get U.S Scholarships Without Stress

Before you do any scholarship searching, it is important to know that you should never have to pay to find or apply for scholarships. If a scholarships search engine or application asks you for a credit card or other financial information before you can use it, stay away.

Reputable scholarships never charge to apply. There are a couple of example of such excellent search engines, including

Some basic ways to get funding include:

Financial Aid from Your College: If you are a US citizen, start by looking at the state where you live. Generally speaking, state residents pay much lower tuition than out-of-state residents. Establishing a residency in a state can instantly cut a great deal off your college fees.

For Nigerian students, you can do research on financial aid opportunities provided by the college you are applying to or visit EducationUSA for more opportunities.

No matter where you live, or decide to go to school, most colleges have scholarship programs specifically for international students. This information can be found on the college’s website.

You will notice that while for some universities aid might be divided for students from certain specific countries, some universities offer aid for students worldwide.

Opportunities Specific To Your Country: students can also seek opportunities specific to their countries. For example, if you live in one of the seventeen countries where the Aga Khan Foundation has presence, and you are doing graduate or postgraduate work, don’t miss the foundation’s International Students Program.

Note that the awards offered by this foundation are only 50% scholarship and 50% student loan which will have to be paid back over time. You can also browse for more ways to find scholarships for international students.
Gender-Based Scholarships:

Another opportunity may be to search for gender-based scholarship opportunities. For example, if you are a female student, the AAUW International Fellowship provides a tremendous opportunity. In 2011 alone, the fellowship program awarded nearly $1 million to women dedicated to improving life in their home countries.

Although highly competitive, this program is one of the many that are worth a shot. Applications usually open in August for the next academic year.

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