2018 Michael Alimasi from Italy is OD Young Person of the Month for July

Our Young Person of the Month is Michael Alimasi from Italy! A Strategy Consultant, Michael Alimasi helps non-profit organizations achieve their greatest social impact. He is also the co-founder of two associations: OppSID and M4Climate which are as a result of his seven years of engagement in activism on inclusion, youth empowerment and climate change. 

Michael has visited projects in more than thirty countries. And as a result, became addicted to opportunities.

Read his story below and be inspired!


Michael Alimasi is a Strategy Consultant for non-profits organizations. He presently works for a consulting firm, bSOCIAL, where he specializes on the non-profit sector, helping everyday associations, NGOs, charities and social enterprises to achieve their mission and social impact, reinforcing their strategy and raising funds and people. Michael has also co-founded two associations: OppSID and M4Climate which were as a result of his engagements in youth empowerment and climate change.

Born in Italy to a Congolese father and an Italian mother, Michael Alimasi’s intercultural background pushed him to study international relations and develop an interest in social engagement as a youth worker. Since high school, Michael was engaged in some local project in Italy, working on immigrant inclusion, climate change awareness and activities against the Mafia.

When he began his BA in political Science, he continued to volunteer and he won a European Scholarship to work in France and Benin as monitoring and evaluation’s intern. He later did his Master’s in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs at the University of Bologna in Italy; spending one semester in Sweden and being elected as the Student Representative of the entire campus.

On Opportunities and how they drastically changed his life It was during the first year of his Master’s Degree that his life took unexpected turn. In 2015, he was selected as one of the 75 youth intercultural leaders to attend the United Nations Alliance of Civilization Summer School in New York, USA. He met incredible youth across the world and learned new skills. It was in this summer school where he created his first international network. Everything began there and the impact created was enormous. He doubled his efforts and created two associations and several projects for the students and the youth of his community.

His turning point opened doors for other opportunities and he participated in more than 30 projects around the world in four years, as a participant, team leader and guest speaker. From Greenland to Ethiopia, from Belgium to Armenia. Michael Alimasi took part in COP21 in Paris, and in projects organized by the African Union, the European Council and the Arab League.

His engagements led to what he terms as his second turning point. In 2017, Michael was selected as one of the 100 Italian under 26 Talents by the Boston Consulting Group, (the second biggest consulting firm in the world). From being a simple applicant to being called as a consultant and speaker, the journey for Michael was not so linear. Prejudices, disengagements and rivalries were present but he believes the most dangerous enemy is our hubris (the idea that a series of victories will lead to infinite victories). But with humility and persistence, one can overcome this obstacle and there is still need to keep our optimism and energy strategically real.
Michael Alimasi hopes to improve his management skill by perhaps pursuing another MBA and to start expedition across the globe looking for 100 most innovative social impact projects.

His words of advice to the youth

I can take three suggestions from my own experiences. First, since you cannot change the world alone, you should build your tribes: peers, friends and mentors that will help you realize your goals. Second, the journey is as important as the destination, so learn how to follow and support, not just how to lead. Third, opportunities and projects are multipliers, for every application, you will open three more doors.

You can connect with Michael Alimasi on LinkedIn and Instagram!

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