How to Withdraw Agrichainx/AGN/Agricnode to Local Bank Accounts

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How to Withdraw Agrichainx/Agricoin/Agricnode to Local Bank Accounts

Agricnode is a decentralized wallet or account containing a locked amount of Agricoin to verify transactions and enables private transactions with coin shuffling, decentralized governance, and the proprietary proof of service protocol, which allows for lightning fast transactions such as instant Agricoin transfer using a method called simplified payment verification (SPV) on Agricledger infrastructures.


What is local bank account?

Local Bank Accounts means the Store Accounts and the Central Chargor Accounts; Local Bank Accounts means the following depository accounts maintained by Loan Parties at the following banks: (a) First Community Bank Account number.


In order to withdraw the money you have earned after the 11 months of lucked period is completed.

The company has provided two major ways you can withdraw your money for conveniences which includes

1 LOCAL BANKS such as
* GTBank
* First Bank
* UBA Bank etc

2 CRYTO WALLETS #Roqqu such as
* Bitcoin
* Ethereum
* Tron etc

How to Easily Withdraw/Transfer your Bitcoin, Crypto to your Naira Bank Account or any currency Here is a Link click and provide your details OR Contact 08083416183 

Benefits to the global economy
1. Enable a treasury system in the cryptocurrency powered by Agriculture
2. An additional boost of |#Agricoin in reserve to cryptocurrency market making the currency more valuable as it incentivizes the node operators.
3. Cashless economy on the go.
4. Lifetime financial freedom and confidence.
5. It reduces over dependence on government jobs
6. Ending poverty with Agriculture powered by blockchain
7. Access to daily and monthly passive income for life
So remember to register your family, friends, children, kids & your immediate & extended neighbor and let’s collectively work together to fight poverty once and for all.

Welcome to Agricnode
One node
One farm,
One market,
One world,
One economy
One currency

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