OAU Hostel Accommodation | Check OAU Procedures For Claiming Bed Space Allocation

OAU Hostel Accommodation 2018/2019… Check Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU Procedures For Claiming Bed Space Allocation for the 2018/2019 academic session.

OAU Hostel Accommodation

The following are the important steps that every student offered a bed space in the OAU Hall of
Residence is to take.

1. Read and understand the “Basic Rules and Regulations for Accommodation in the
Halls of Residence”

2. Print and Sign the document (indicated in no. 1 above) and make three copies.

3. Bring the completed copies with attached bed space clearance to the officer in
Division of Student Affairs.

4. Take a certified signed copy of the document to the Hall Warden for appropriate bed
space allocation.


(i) No student is allowed to jump this protocol

(ii) Any student found to have sold or bought bed space will be appropriately sanctioned.

(iii) No student is allowed to secure bed space by proxy

(iv) Any student found in any room without following the due process will automatically
lose the bed space.

(v) New student need not to look for their Head of Department for attestation instead the
Division of Student Affairs will stand in for that purpose.

(vi) Coming into Halls of Residence by new students will be in two streams to avoid
congestion and disorderliness.

29: Stream 1 – Arts, Social Sciences, Law, Administration and Education

30: Stream 2 – Basic Medical Sciences, Dentistry, Sciences, Pharmacy, Technology, Agriculture, Environmental Design and Management.

Parents are to take note of this arrangement. Wishing you safe journey and happy

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