How To Add & Drop Courses in UNN

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How To Add & Drop Courses in UNN


  1. Generate Add and Drop Invoice. Click here
  2. Print out the invoice.
  3. Proceed to the recommended bank with the invoice to make payment.
  4. The bank will give you a bank conformation slip.
  5. Go to cash office with the conformation slip from the bank.
  6. At cash office, the slip would be convert to receipt.
  7. Go to the admission unit for collection of Add/Drop card with the receipt.
  8. Send an e-mail with your University e-mail address to the Head of Department through the course adviser, to the admission office with the attachment of the scanned copy of the Add/Drop card after it must have been duly signed by the appropriate authorities (Head of Department, Academic Adviser, the Dean of Faculty, Registrar’s representative to the Faculty)
  9. The Admission office forwards your request to the Registrar.
  10. The Registrar approves and minutes it to the Director ICT for implementation
  11. The Director ICT minutes it to the appropriate unit for implementation.


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